Fast Track Business Refund Policy

1. The online course you have purchased will be granted access for a minimum of 12 months unless you cause any breach in conduct (see below).
2. After this 12 month period, access to your training course and membership site and mentorship access is discretionary based on your behaviour in the previous 12 months.
3. Fortune Academy will happily continue to allow you access if you have been positively participating in your Fast Track Business membership area and are following the Fortune Academy trading guidelines.
4. Any request for a refund will revoke all access to your membership/mentorship services.
5. Any slander, offensive behaviour noted against Fortune Academy or any of it’s related product will also result in an automatic ban from all services.
6. If you revoke your request for a refund, depending on whether you have caused any libellous or slanderous behaviour, the online course will be granted access but membership/mentorship services may not be re-instated without any refund to these services.
7. The course content cannot be replicated in any way and no part of the training may be sold or promoted under a new name. In the case of the latter, Fortune Academy will seek legal action against you and all access to your online content and services will be revoked indefinitely with no refund on any services whatsoever.

Other Refund Policies

1. If you bought the Fast Track Business Course without any discount, then you are eligible for a full refund within 14 days as long as you have not accessed the course content in anyway, or used the mentorship services or membership groups in any way.
2. Once again the refund request is only valid if you email: